A Fond “See You Down The Road”

Dear Community,

I have enjoyed spending the past 12 years being associated with the Timber Museum! I met Dixie Gaydeski sewing for charity and before you knew it, I was the new Treasurer on the Board of the Museum with Evelyn Bryson, Eleanor Thornton, June Cassell, Dave O’Sullivan, and others.

I miss all of them so much!

I took over as Manager of the Museum when Sherill Fouts retired in October 2014. This community is fortunate to have great visionaries who saw the need to preserve the history of the West End back in the 80s. The names of the original group are listed on the wall in the entry of the Museum, and I am fortunate to know most of them.

I appreciate the help and encouragement I have received along the way. My husband Joe and I have put in many hours as a labor of love to preserve this history and to grow the Museum, along with wonderful volunteer help.

As I am fond of saying – “we are all pioneers from somewhere” and I love the stories and contributions that have been made. Bryon Monohon, the new Director for the Museum, and the Board of Directors, led by Tom Rosmond will continue to grow the Museum and welcome record crowds as they move forward.

My hope is that a new generation will step up to volunteer where they can. Find something in this community that you feel strongly about and take the time to see where you can be helpful! There is a handful of people now who make the events happen – and they need help.

It pains me to see those who complain about the way things are done, believe what they read on Facebook or hear from others, but don’t take the time to find out what the true story is. I have spent many hours on Boards for the Chamber, Hospital, Betterment Association, West End Business, West End Historical Society, and the Olympic Peninsula Visitor Bureau – to educate myself on the continuing history and workings of this wonderful community.

Joe and I are not leaving the area, but I am retiring on October 12th. We love our home and love this community, but we do plan to travel. With kids and aging parents spread around the U.S., we need to do that now. So, please – get involved, don’t believe everything you hear and read unless you take the time to check out the details, and – we’ll see you down the road!

Fondly, Linda Offutt