Endorsing Judge Rohrer

Dear Editor,

I’ve known Judge Eric Rohrer for more than 25 years and trust his skill, knowledge, and legal acumen in the courtroom as an attorney and as a judge.

For those of us who have dedicated our careers to the law, we want judges who have a legal expertise, a commitment to justice, and a true commitment to improving the lives of others.

That’s why I’ve endorsed Eric, as have many other judges, throughout the state of Washington.

With decades of experience practicing the law on both sides of the bench, Judge Rohrer’s experience is unmatched. He is independent and accountable, impartial and responsible. And as an active member of the community, he knows the values that matter in District II of Clallam County. His track record as both a District and Superior Court judge makes him especially worthy of your support.

Voters have a unique opportunity to elect, once again, a great judge and leader who—as he’s always done—will ensure justice is served accurately and with integrity.

Susan Owens, Washington State Supreme Court Justice