Every Vote is Important!

Election day is rapidly approaching and I hope all of you that have not yet voted will cast your ballot for Ken Ayers as mayor.

Ken thinks “out of the box” and is willing to ask the tough questions, such as “Why do we do it this way” or “What if we tried this”. He is willing to do his own independent research to get the answers he is looking for and is not afraid to speak what is on his mind. These are leadership traits that I appreciate in a City Council member and that we need in our new mayor.

The city has dedicated staff who serve our interests well. Ken would be a great addition to that team, coordinating the efforts of each department and helping to allocate the city’s limited resources in the most efficient manner.

We have a rare opportunity to elect a full-time mayor with extensive management experience and I hope we take advantage of that in this election. Every vote will be important to make this happen.

Bill Brager