Facts and Misinformation

Facts and Misinformation

Dear Editor,

With regards to the letter to the editor on July 26, I’d like to again state my positions on the following issues:

I do not support contracting out the Forks Police Department. I do fully support repair work on the existing sewer system to fix the current overcapacity problem during summer months and to allow expansion by new businesses that have recently been denied access.

I do not support immediate implementation of the city’s long-term sewer plan because the city does not have enough money to execute the long-term sewer plan for full expansion. I would highly encourage Forks residents to contact the Forks City Planner to express their opinions about the city’s sewer plan and connection fees. I will request to add that discussion topic at the next city council meeting.

The low General Fund balance is a serious red flag, that’s why it was included in the State Auditor’s report when the city was audited. The City of Forks was over budget last year and we had to take $32,000 out of the General Fund Reserve last year to balance the books in 2016; we can’t keep spending more than what we earn in the General Fund. I look forward to discussing all of these issues with the residents of Forks.

Thanks again to all my supporters in the community and I encourage anyone with inputs, comments or questions to contact me at [email protected]

Ken Ayers

Forks City Council