If I need an airlift, who is coming?

If I need an airlift, who is coming?

Dear Editor,

If I need emergency transport who is coming to pick me up? Life Flight, Air Lift Northwest, or the Navy?

The short answer is any of the above. Life Flight and Air Lift will come out based upon availability. The hospital makes the request and one of the two companies will respond. The Navy only comes in if it is life-threatening and both Air Lift Northwest and Life Flight are unavailable or unable to perform the transport safely due to adverse weather conditions.

Do I need to purchase a membership with both airlift companies?

No, both Airlift Northwest and Life Flight honor each other’s membership programs. The biggest item you should be aware of is that Airlift only honors Life Flight’s membership program if the patient has medical insurance coverage. Airlift does not offer a membership program to uninsured individuals.

Membership for Life Flight is $65 a year, covering the entire household.

Persons employed in Law Enforcement, Healthcare, or Emergency Medical Services qualify for a discounted rate of $50 each year, covering their entire household.

Forks Community Hospital