Ken Hays Candidate for PUD Commissioner

Dear Editor,

In Ken Hays we have a candidate for PUD Commissioner with an eye toward the future and an understanding that we must take action now to become more self-reliant locally.

Ken has been a community leader for many years. He is respected both as a past mayor and a professional Architect. As mayor of Sequim, he was immersed in issues the county has faced during the many growth years. As an Architect, he has designed projects in the county and is aware of the energy issues we face today.

Ken Hays has demonstrated leadership skills, a vision toward the future and the ability to work with our community leaders. He is aware of the great problems created by power outages in the Western region of the PUD service area and stands ready to listen to ratepayers’ concerns. Ken will work with other commissioners and PUD staff to resolve the problems we face.


Richard DeBusman