Logger Memorial 2017 Honor Roll

Logger Memorial 2017 Honor Roll

Dear Editor,

In 1992 the Forks Logger Memorial was built entirely with donations and volunteer labor to honor our men and women in the timber industry. Currently, there are 839 names on the memorial honor roll. An additional 130 names have been submitted by Duane Miles identified in his upcoming book.

2017 Honor Roll nominees are Emmett Treichel, Butch Nelson, Jesse McReynolds, Jason Maxwell, Donald J. Naue, Gregory A. Gross, Francis “Misty” Bloomfield, Thomas G. Sykes, Paul C. Conrad, Jack L. Merrick, W.W. “Bud” Ulin, and Ted Spoelstra.

A deceased person may be nominated for the Honor Roll at any time. There is a $15 fee to cover the cost of the nameplate. Nomination forms and information on all nominees are located in albums in the Forks Timber Museum foyer. Memorial donations can be made in the name of any deceased person -timber worker or not. Their name and the donor name are listed in a Memorial Album also located at the FTM. You may reach Martha Paul 374-9105 or JoMarie Miller at 374-9832 or 640-4326 to request information.

The 2015 Logger Memorial Books are for sale at the Forks Timber Museum, Forks Outfitters, Olympic Graphic Arts and Chinook Pharmacy.

The FLM still relies on donations and volunteers. We would like to thank Moe Flores, the FTM staff and the Olympic Corrections Community Service Inmates for their continuing support.

JoMarie Miller