New Clallam County Transit Schedules are out

New Clallam County Transit Schedules are out

Dear Editor,

It’s been a tough job rescheduling the bus around the Lake Crescent construction. Thanks to everyone involved for managing it as well as they have.

Living in Clallam Bay, we were at first disgruntled by the longer layover at the Sappho transit lot. But this is actually an advantage for people riding all the way from Neah Bay and everyone continuing on the long trip to Port Angeles. Folks have a chance for a porta-potty break, without having to recklessly hurry across Highway 101. And to smoke ‘em if they got ‘em.

We’d have liked to have an earlier (and perhaps later) bus to reflect the schedule changes, but we at least have the park-and-ride at Sappho, too.

Donna Barr

Clallam Bay