Odd and Ends

August 28, 2021

Can our traditional enemies, the Taliban, evolve into a more humanitarian version of themselves? Can a leopard change its spots? Time will tell.

“You can put wings on a pig, but it doesn’t make it an eagle.”-Bill Clinton

“Always be sincere even if you don’t mean it.”-Harry Truman

“Blessed are the young for they shall inherit the national debt.”-Herbert Hoover

(Above quotes from “The Book of Amazing Curiosities.”)

How did the striped barber pole originate? In medieval times a barber was expected to do more than work with hair and beards but perform surgery and blood-letting as well. The first poles were made of brass with a basin on top to hold leeches and one on the bottom to hold blood when necessary. Patients held firmly to a staff which helped to control blood flow. The strip represented bandages, blood-stained and clean. (“The Book of Amazing Curiosities.”)

The first giant Asian hornet’s nest of the year was located a few ago near Blaine. State agricultural officials released three hornets from Aug.11-17 and one led them to the nest. A few days later entomologists destroyed 1500 hornets, which can be up to two inches long. (Bell. Herald, 8-23-21)

How big is British Columbia? About as big as Calif., Oreg., Wash plus New England. It’s bigger than 164 of the world’s over 200 nations. Its coastline, counting islands, is over 17,000 miles long. (“The Golden Spruce,” by J. Vaillant)

Bob Hall