Scott Seaman and bicycle contest

Scott Seaman and bicycle contest

Dear Editor,

I was recently visited at our Soroptimist’s Second Chances store by Scott Seaman and it reminded me of a project we did about 12 years ago. I met up with Scott at the Quillayute Valley Scholarship Auction and we were watching some “spirited bidding” over a child’s bicycle when Scott said, “you know, if I knew a kid who needed a bike I’d buy that bike and give it away, but I really don’t know any kids that age anymore”.

So we decided that if he bought the bike, we would have a contest in the Forks Elementary School library where I was the librarian, encouraging kids to read more and in turn be eligible for a chance to win a beautiful red bike!

For the last several years, Scott has purchased one or two bikes and arrangements were made with one or two of the schools to have some sort of contest related to reading a book or writing an essay to enter to win. This year Forks Elementary, Forks Intermediate, and Forks Junior High will be holding contests for students to win a total of 3 bicycles! If your child is in need of a bicycle, please encourage them to participate. We’ll be giving the bikes away April 12 which will give students time to work on their essay or book report over spring break as well.

PS… Scott can be seen around Forks on his scooter and usually, he’s on his way to Forks Outfitters or the Peninsula College where he volunteers with math students. You can bet he’s helping others and making a difference…..maybe not just for others, but by being out and about he is helping himself by staying active.

Diane Edwards