Support Our Center! October 2021

What is so special about the old schoolhouse in Sekiu? Really, that 105-year-old school has felt the soul of folks in this area since it was built in 1916. It was a beautiful school from then until 1946, and has been a community center ever since! Almost all the youngsters who went to school in that building are gone, but the community has continued to hold activities there regularly since 1946.

Dances! Concerts! Memorials! Weddings! Potlucks! Classes! Parties! Art! Crafts!

Right now, it is much quieter at the Center… COVID blues! We are waiting, keeping the building clean and cared for. We hope that, soon, we can have all the gatherings we want. Some activities have actually resumed now, but we can’t do much because the upsurge of COVID infections is still upon us.

Because of the lack of scheduled events at Sekiu Community Center, we have received fewer rental contributions and donations, and have had to rely on our United Way allocation (which this year, is about $5,000). This is a blessing, but we are asking you in the community to help us carry the load. One of our friends has given $800 a year for several years; that kind of gift really enables us to expand our horizons!

The West End Youth and Community Club, as managers of the old school, would gratefully apply all donations to the life of our Center. The easiest way to donate is through the United Way of Clallam County; specify WEYCC as recipient for some portion of your contribution.

We on the WEYCC Board hope you will support this community treasure! Thank you so much!

John Burdick, President

Karin Ashton, Secretary

Loretta Klock, Scheduler

June Bowlby, Trustee

Kim Bowlby, Trustee