Thank you Lady Spartans

Thank you Lady Spartans

Dear Editor,

Any sports season is defined by wins and losses. It should be — that’s why you keep score. That’s why there is a scoreboard. That’s why it’s called competition. Teams compete to win — not to lose. That’s not just in sports, that’s in life.

With that said, how could one call a four-win Forks Lady Spartan Basketball season successful? My way of thinking is that you have to learn to compete to learn to win. They learned to compete, to be competitive. That’s a huge step for this great group of girls. Hopefully, a huge step for this program.

First and foremost none of this happens without the group of coaches that these girls have. Stepping in as head basketball coach was not a comfort zone for me. I am not knowledgeable or qualified enough to be a head basketball coach.

I couldn’t take this job if I didn’t assemble the coaching staff first. Jason Richards, Avery Ironhill and David Hurn are way more responsible for this team’s growth than I am. All these coaches brought in what needed to be done. The key — brought in from day one.

All on the same page, all with the same purpose and agenda. David Hurn is the kingpin to this coaching staff. His knowledge of the game was essential to this team. Not only the X’s and O’s of the game but his mental part of the game as well.

We have three seniors on the team that will be missed next year. Kaitlin Rowley, Brittney Woodruff and Skyler DeMatties. Brittney played four years of basketball and was a team captain this year and played the post. She had a solid year on defense and the boards.

Kaitlin played three years, missing last year, and came back for her senior year, glad she did. So much energy and speed, that can’t be taught, and a great personality. Skyler is a four-year varsity player. You got everything out of this young lady every time she steps on the floor, all you can ask for. A three-year captain and three-time all-league and one-year all peninsula. Thank you, seniors.

There are three junior girls, Amber Hoagland, Bailee Kratzer and Sage Baar. A great group of girls that grew in the game of basketball all year long. Amber has played three years and is such an asset to the team. Really improved her game and is such a positive attitude on the team.

Bailee is a three-year player and plays the game of basketball with so much energy. She always wants to get better, never satisfied. Always ready and always smiling. Sage also is a three-year player. You might think she’s too small for a forward or post but you will never hear her say that. Awesome young lady and one of the toughest girls on the team.

All three of these girls are two- and three-year varsity players and expected to work hard for next year and improve our team. I have no doubt they will.

Our three freshman set a strong foundation to build our team in the future. Very talented and hardworking bunch. Jayden Olson, Myah Rondeau and Rian Peters. Jayden has strong family basketball roots and improved all year from day one, had a great freshman year. She rebounded extremely well and played good defense and had some good offensive nights. Good kid and very coachable.

Myah is one of the neatest kids ever. She came in a little overwhelmed as freshmen can be but once she got in the flow, she was just fine. Much improved. Rian hit the floor running and played like few freshmen do. Great athlete with desire, can’t teach what she’s born with. Super kid and very coachable.

Very proud of this bunch of girls and coaches and our manager Kendra Iotte. Kendra fell and tore her ACL during practice but came back to finish the year, tough girl! I would like to personally thank Rick Gooding, he is a good man. Thanks to our booster club and all the staff that helped at FHS.

Thanks to the parents and fans who let the girls feel Spartan Gym Rock for them at the Hoquiam and Tenino games — WOW — they will never forget that.

John DeMatties