The Veterans Memorial Highway

Dear Editor,

As a veteran who is getting ready to honor fellow veterans on the upcoming Memorial Day it is truly sad to see the disrespect paid to the veterans that were honored on the Veteran Memorial Highway portion of the Strait of Juan De Fuca Scenic Byway. The website that follows shows that part of the highway and its story,

You will note that there is a sign that honors the Korean War veterans and how it used to be.

The current condition of the signs (see photo) shows that the signs honoring those veterans are a disgrace and that they are highly offensive to every veteran and to every veteran’s family. And to make matters worse there doesn’t seem to be anyone who will claim responsibility for them including the Byway Association who placed them and advertises them as part of the highway.

It sure would be great if the folks responsible for that part of the highway would not pass the buck and ignore the problem. And it would be even better if they fixed the problem.

Thank you in advance for your time and for honoring the veterans in our community.

Joe Wright