UFO sighting?

As we all know clear skies are not ‘normal’ around here, so UFO sightings are few but recently several people reported on social media that they saw something …. here is one account …from a Forks resident.


“Tonight (Jan 15, 2024) at 6:53 pm I and one other eyewitness just north of Bear Creek on HWY101 saw a bright line of high atmosphere objects that defy explanation. Too fast for commercial craft, too many for military craft, approximately 20 individual lights dominated the sky in a perfect line, heading approximately northwest at high speed. FAR too fast to be satellites and 10 times brighter as well. We pulled over and observed them for nearly a minute and then every one of them faded out in unison without a trace.”

In the 1960s there were several sightings documented in the local newspapers.

I shared those old reports to Social Media along with this new sighting and it was fun to read the posts from the believers and the naysayers. In the post, I shared a story from April 1966 when even Town Marshal Phil Riebe watched something he could not explain and the Hinchens of Shuwah also thought it was significant enough to call the authorities.

I also included a photo believed to have been taken by Forks school teacher Ross Jones in March of 1969. It shows something hovering over the Forks Elementary School. (Also in the photo it is great to see the slide, and swings in the old playground!)

UFOs are good for a big post reach and that post reached 12,000 people and was shared 46 times on Facebook.

Christi Baron,