Visiting with old friends and new friends

I have some room this week so a couple of things…it is always fun when someone from the past drops into my office. A few weeks ago Keith Hoofnagle stopped in. He had lived in Forks in the 70s and 80s and created some weekly cartoons for the Forks Forum, ad copy for Northwestern National Bank as well as a book featuring some of his cartoon work.

He told me when he first came to town he was unaware of the not-so-warm feelings some had for his employer the National Park …and he decided to get the real feel of Forks by heading to Art’s Place Tavern.

Keith shared that after introducing himself and sharing his place of employment with his fellow tavern goers, (all loggers), he went to the restroom. Upon his return to the table one of the guys at the table decked him …Thankfully …Keith having such a good sense of humor …. laughed about it.

His cartoon, which appeared in the Forum, was called Stumps and the characters were a logger named Burl, a bald guy named Clearcut, Burl’s girlfriend Trillium, Burl’s landlord named Aunt Effie, and Mrs. Von Prood, the moral guardian of the town.

In the book he did, he described his characters as “survivors who can put up with storms, recessions, layoffs and shortages..then bounce right back …The Characters are a lot like everyone here in Forks; hardworking, self-sufficient, proud of their area, and wary of mindless government control.”

Adding, “Living in an area of 120+ inches of rain takes grit and a sense of humor.”

He shared with me that many of the cartoons were based on real situations and real Forks folks.

I think the Timber Museum may still have a few of his books lying around.


It was the annual Forks All School Class Reunion over the weekend and it was a fun get-together. Ron Konopaski, class of ‘52ish, was the oldest former student. Ron actually came to the very first reunion which was just for the classes of the 1970s so it is always great to see him again. This is about the 11th year of doing this activity, missed during COVID, and the Elks do all the work and retain the cover charge.

While in line for the food, at the reunion, I met and had a great conversation with a former FHS class of 1961 student named Frank Rogers. After graduation, Frank eventually settled down in the Silverdale area …before it got crazily populated …and started a welding business and even invented things.

To find out more about his inventions I Googled his business and it said …Frank was the founder of a company called Thermion®. He invented the first Thermion® spray system back in the 1980s. Then, Thermion® metalizers featured the patented “Arc Shorting Control” feature. Thermion® has since introduced its latest invention, “Arc Voltage Drive.” Coupling the two technologies has allowed Thermion® to become recognized as the most reliable high-production metalizing systems in the world.

Wow, way to go Frank! Thanks to Frank and all who came and thank you Forks Elks. Photos are on page 6.

And …..Please note the new look on the front page!

Christi Baron, Editor