Wanting what is best for the City of Forks

Wanting what is best for the City of Forks

There is community-wide consternation at the prospect of FPD being turned over to Clallam County Sheriff’s Office, CCSO, and the ongoing lack of an FPD Chief.

As citizens, whether elected or hired, property owners and/or tax-paying voters, I believe we all, collectively, want what is best for the City of Forks. Please bear that in mind as you read this message; nothing stated by me is intended to be personal, yet some issues need addressing.

As you meet on Monday, please give due diligence to review history as you plan for the future; hence my inclusion of past Mayor Nedra Reed in this message. Mayor Reed’s insight is valuable, as during her time as mayor we had a fully-functioning FPD. May the current City of Forks administration seek input from the community, including past Mayor Nedra Reed. Additionally, perhaps a community meeting would be in order so as to provide a venue for the public to have more input.

Regarding the FPD, the last eight years have been rough sailing. Ever since Mayor Bryon Monohon fired FPD Chief Mike Powell, the City has suffered with no FPD Chief. I salute the efforts of Administrator Bart; however, he does not live in Forks, he drives an FPD vehicle, but cannot respond nor provide on-scene back-up, nor lead by example as in wearing a badge and using a firearm. No problem with Administrator Bart’s work, he is simply following a contract offered to him, but the scope of the contract leaves FPD officers with no hands-on, lead-by-example leadership. Please address this issue before making any plans to turn over FPD duties to CCSO.

Were FPD to be terminated and CCSO take over law enforcement duties within Forks city limits, we the people need many more details provided to us. For one thing, the amount of property taxes we pay would most likely not be cut; if that be the case, what reasonable assurance do we have that a CCSO Officer who is patrolling in Sekiu at 11 p.m. would be able to respond when we have a burglary in progress in Forks? Or would there be dedicated CCSO officers to serve inside Forks city limits commensurate with coverage provided by current FPD officers? We need data, facts and comprehensive plans presented to the public before any transfer occurs from FPD to CCSO.

Please give due diligence to research what is best for Forks prior to taking any formal steps to transfer FPD to CCSO, as well as any plans considered affecting the Forks Jail.


William L. Plumley, Forks