From medical interpreter to nurse practitioner, Forks resident reflects on journey in medicine

Melissa Estrada-Portnoy’s journey is rooted in community and care.

Melissa Estrada-Portnoy’s journey into medicine has been fueled by determination and a deep commitment to her community.

Today a registered nurse practitioner, Estrada-Portnoy’s story begins at a young age, when her family migrated from Mexico to Forks, seeking work. Growing up in this tight-knit community, she attended local schools and developed an interest in healthcare, starting as a medical interpreter in high school.

Here she witnessed firsthand the crucial role of nurses, sparking her desire to pursue a nursing career.

“Right after high school, I knew I wanted to go to nursing school,” Estrada-Portnoy says. She pursued her associate’s degree at Bellingham Technical College and upon graduation, returned to Forks, driven by a sense of duty to her family and community.

Despite the challenges of rural healthcare, Estrada-Portnoy felt at home here, knowing she could contribute meaningfully. For eight years, she dedicated herself to emergency medicine, working at Forks Community Hospital and Olympic Medical Center in Port Angeles. The experience revealed significant gaps in primary care and preventive services, especially in rural areas where healthcare access is limited.

Working in the ER, Estrada-Portnoy saw the struggles of patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes and hypertension, many of whom lacked the education and resources to manage their health. Determined to make a broader impact, she decided to further her education and become a nurse practitioner.

Encouraged by colleagues, Estrada-Portnoy completed her master’s degree at Gonzaga University, balancing her studies and work while pregnant with her first child.

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Today, as a nurse practitioner, Estrada-Portnoy finds fulfillment in forming deeper connections with her patients. “I like the relationship with the community,” she says. “I get to provide access to care for Hispanic patients and the community in general, focusing on preventive care.”

Her ability to conduct visits entirely in Spanish fosters trust and understanding with Forks’ large Hispanic population.

Being the first in her family to pursue a healthcare career, Estrada-Portnoy’s achievements hold special significance. Her parents, initially unfamiliar with her profession, are immensely proud of her accomplishments. Her journey has also inspired her sister, who is now pursuing nursing.

For Estrada-Portnoy, giving back to her community is both a responsibility and a privilege. In a place where healthcare providers are often in short supply, her presence is a beacon of hope and a testament to perseverance and dedication. Through her work, Estrada-Portnoy honors her heritage and paves the way for future generations to dream big and achieve even more.

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