New outdoors business starts up in Forks

When Jake Morrison was looking for a place to run his online business he could have picked anywhere, but he has chosen Forks. You may have seen tents set up outside his showroom/warehouse at the corner of Mainstreet and Calawah Way, in the old Vagabond building. Jake is well known in the hiking world as Barefoot Jake and was one of the first outdoor bloggers; You can check him out at

Morrison has made his passion for hiking into a business. He started his blog, to keep his friends and family updated on his adventures on the Olympic Peninsula. His photos soon caught the eye of outdoor publications and advertisers, who started purchasing his work.

Jake says his prices on his tents are a little more reasonable than other places, he does his own alterations needed on the tents and a sewing machine is set up on site. If the business grows he will be looking at adding jobs; people to sew, marketing, etc.

If people start asking for a products and there is a need he will add them. He is even considering maybe offering slide show presentations of some of his amazing photographs.

Stop in and say hello to Jake and Kim. Kim has painted Bigfoot on the wall to give the indoors a more outdoorsy feel!