Twilight Fans Keep Coming Back

Dear Editor,

Betsy Davis, a Twilight fan from Mt. Airy, North Carolina, was in my T-shirt class, and her quilt was the one behind Jack Morrissey at the welcome talk that he did on Wednesday night opening the Forever Twilight in Forks Festival. Betsy, her husband, and her friend stayed a week longer and came into the Visitor Center the following Monday to say goodbye to everyone. I was so glad that I was working that day to say “goodbye,” too.

Mt. Airy, North Carolina, is Andy Griffith’s hometown. They were a little town that had a textile industry that completely shut down because jobs were sent overseas, but now tourism has helped them survive because of Andy Griffith. They have a statue of Andy Griffith and gift shops and tour buses that stop in their town. Betsy is a Special Ed teacher and is planning to come back next July for Quileute Days and then again in September for Forever Twilight. She wants to be in my T-shirt class again, too.

Also, when I called her yesterday, she said that if we ever get a museum, she would like to donate all of her Twilight items to it. She had some of them in her classroom, but is taking care of her dad and has had to pack some of them away because she has so many items.

The following people were my T-shirt angels: Jessi Buckner, Martha Paul, Marilyn Thompson, Edward Stringer and Lissy Andros. They all helped with the class.

Marcia Yanish