FHS class of 2021 Scholarships and Plans

EMILY GRACE ADAMS – Parents Tim and Jen Adams Emily will continue studying at Peninsula College. QVSA Scholarship, Concerned Citizens $750, Forks Lions Club $800, Ben and Myrtle Walkling Trust $750, Hull Family Scholarship $1000

DAVID AVALOS-MARTINEZ – Parents Rosario Avalos and David Avalos Alvarado. David will receive his Associate of Art Degree from Peninsula College. He will be transferring to Central Washington University to obtain a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science. QVSA Scholarship, Charlotte Kirby Scholarship $1000

ARISTEO LEE AYALA-WEED – Parents Mateo Ayala Joyce Ayala. Teo plans to attend Peninsula College this fall.

HAYDEN JAMISON BAKER – Parents Jeremy Baker and Yvonne Reaume, Hayden will be attending Shasta Junior College then transfer to a 4-year college to major in history. QVSA Scholarship.

HALEY LYNN MARIE BARKER – Parents Debbie Barker. Haley plans to attend Peninsula College to study Welding Florence Ninke Scholarship $1000

TREY JACOB BAYSINGER – Parents Scott and Nellie Baysinger. Trey will be transferring from Penisula College to Washington State University for an engineering degree. QVSA Scholarship

DERRICK GORDON BEEBE – Parents Marc and Carlyn Beebe, Jesica McCoy. Derrick recently completed his CDL diploma and will be entering the workforce.


Parents Heather and Billy Brux. Harley has no plans at this time.


Parents Lisa and Cole Cariker. Kali is planning to go into the workforce.

BROOKE TAYLOR JACQUELINE COONS – Parents Rosco and Nickole Coons, Charim Cruz. Brooke is interested in attending an esthetician school and eventually go to vet school.

MERSADIES ALYSABETH COVENTON – Parents Melissa & Travis Christensen, Marcus & Erin Coventon. Mersadies will be continuing her education.

CRU STEVEN DEMOREST – Parents Sarah and Tony Demorest. Cru will be going into the workforce

TREY ALLEN DEPEW – Parents Vernon and Caryn DePew. Trey will be continuing at PeninsulaCollege to earn his AA degree.

COLTON WILEY GAGE DUNCAN – Parents Britni and Rory Duncan. Colton has applied to the Seattle Sounders Academy where he hopes to play soccer.”

TYLER JAMES ELLIS – Parents John and Carolyn Ellis, Tammy Ellis and Brandon Leask. Tyler will head to work in the woods.

KAREN ITZEL ENSASTEGUI SALAZAR – Parents Eulalia Salazar and Osvaldo Ensastegui. Karen is earning her Associate of Art degree at Peninsula College. She will be attending University of Washington to study at the Michael G Foster, School of Business to earn a degree in Business Administration. Fred Orr Scholarship $700, Forks Lions Club $800, Hull Family Scholarship $1000, QVSA Scholarship

TYLER LEE FAGAN – Parents Josh Fagan and Cira Fagan. Tyler plans to pursue a degree in pharmaceuticals, biochemistry, or astronomy.

ANTONIO ADRIAN FARIAS – Parents Tanya Dias. Tony will be going into a trade

MYA RAELYNN FISHER – Parents Elva Hudson. Mya will be attending Everette Community College studying Marine Biology and later transferring to University of Hawaii at Manoa to Major in Marine Biology.

LUCILLE ALLEYNE FRANKLIN – Parents Melanie Donahue and Michael Franklin. Lucy is going to Western Washington University to get her Bachelor Degree in Biology. Then her Masters in Marine Biology. QVSA Scholarship, Soroptimist International Scholarship $1000, Concerned Citizens $400, Florence Ninke Scholarship $1000, Bogachiel Garden Club $750

MARY MERCEDES FRANKLIN Melanie Donahue and Michael Franklin Merci is attending Eastern Washington University to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. Scholarships from Eastern $12,000, Concerned Citizens $400, QVSA Scholarship, Florence Ninke Scholarship $1000, Diane Demorest Memorial Scholarship $1000.

CATARINA JUAN GASPAR LUCAS – Parents Jose Gaspar and Magdalena Lucas. Catarina plans to begin Community College.

EVARISTO JUAN GOMEZ-BOS – Parents Paula Bos. Reece will be going into the workforce and later attending College. none

ALEXANDRIA NICOLE GONZALES – Parents Kenneda Gonzales and Chris Gonzales. Alex is earning her Associates Degree from Peninsula College as well as her high school diploma. Alex will be attending University of Washington to pursue a degree in business.

WESLEY JOCSAN GONZALEZ CAMACHO – Parents Gabriela Camacho. Wesley plans to attend Grays Harbor College to earn his Forestry Degree. QVSA Scholarship Forks Lions Club $800

OTONIEL HERNANDEZ-FLORES JR – Parents Lydia and Tony Flores Sr. Tony will be playing soccer at South Puget Sound Community College while earning his AA. QVSA Scholarship Soccer Scholarship

MADELINE JANENE HILLCAR – Parents John Hillcar, Sherri Hillcar. Maddie will be entering the workforce.

JULIAN OAK HOLLOWAY – Parents Ellen and Oscar Hammer and Chris Holloway. Julian plans to enter the workforce and attend college at a later date.

DARRIN THOMAS HOREJSI – Parents Priscilla Hormel

KRAY RACHELLE HORTON – Parents Late Father- Tod Horton, Mother- De Ann Horton I plan to attend Bellevue College to earn my Bachelor’s degree in sonography. QVSA Scholarship Hull Family Scholarship $1000, Concerned Citizens $400

WYATT GAGE HULTENSCHMIDT – Parents Holly Mansfield. Wyatt plans to travel after graduation

TAYA JOSEPHINE IDES – Parents John and Lisa Ides Taya plans to enter the workforce

IESHA LARAYE JOHNSON – Guardians Jack & Debbie Iotte. Iesha plans to enter a trade school for massage therapy.

DAMON ALLEN JONES – Grandparents Joey & Bonita Reames, Parents Zachary Jones and Bay Hanson. Damon wants to go to College to be a History Teacher Florence Ninke Scholarship $1000

ERIKA SUSANNA KOSKELA – Parents Ty & Melanie Koskela. Erika will be continuing her AA degree through Peninsula College to pursue a career as a registered nurse. QVSA Scholarship, Jan Hillcar Healthcare Education Scholarship $1000

NATALIE ADA LAUSCHE – Parents Shaun and Rebecca Lausche. Natalie has achieved the highest honor of a High School student as Valedictorian of the class of 2021. Congratulations Natalie! Natalie will be finishing her AA at Peninsula College next year and then transferring to a University in 2022 to pursue a degree in Business/ Human Resources Forks Lions Club $800, Olympic Logging Conference, Evergreen Scholarship- $750, Soroptimist International Scholarship- $1,000, IBEW Local 997 Scholarship- $1,000, QVSA Scholarship

CHLOE ANNE LEVERINGTON – Parents Eric and Jen Leverington. Chloe will be playing softball for St. Martin’s University while she pursues a bachelor’s degree in exercise science. QVSA Scholarship, Concerned Citizens $750, Chancellors Scholarship $92,000, Softball Scholarship $16,000, Elks Scholarship $500, Alumni & Friends Scholarship $4000, Hull Family Scholarship $1000

JADEN CHARLES LOHRENGEL – Parents Julie Dannemiller and Shawn Lohrengel. Jaden is entering Northwest Lineman College in Meridian Idaho in October. He will be earning his Lineman Certificate. QVSA Scholarship, Fred Orr Scholarship $700, Albert Haller Foundation $8000, Elks Vocational Scholarship $3000, Forks Elks Scholarship $500, Hull Family Scholarship $1000, Charlotte Kirby Scholarship $1000

BRANDON LUIS LUA-CEJA – Parents Luis Lua and Silvia Ceja Cisneros. Brandon will be continuing his education at Peninsula College and then transfer to a university.

LUIS MANUEL MALDONADO-RODRIGUEZ – Parents Shannon Serrano. Luis plans to obtain his CDL and Welding Certification

IRENE MARITZA MARTIN-PEREZ – Parents Celestina Perez Mendoza and Martin Mendoza. Irene plans to attend Peninsula College to pursue a degree in Early Childhood Education or a CAN. FEA Scholarship $500, Charlotte Kirby Scholarship $1000, Hull Family Scholarship $1000, QVSA Scholarship

MIRIAM MICAELA MARTIN MENDOZA – Parents Gilberto Martin and Rosa Mendoza. Miriam will continue her education at Peninsula College where she wants to go into the medical field.QVSA Scholarship, Concerned Citizens $750, Soroptimist International Scholarship $1000, Charlotte Kirby Scholarship $1000

ROSEMARIE ALICE MCDONALD – Parents Veronica Chapman and Gary Coil. Ally plans to enter the workforce

SAVANNAH ROSE MEYER – Parents Bill and Jananne Meyer. Savannah has earned the Salutatorian award for the class of 2021. Well done Savannah! She will be transferring from Peninsula College to Seattle Pacific University Nursing Program or Biochemistry. QVSA Scholarship, Concerned Citizens $750, Forks Lions Club $800, Florence Ninke Scholarship $1000, Seattle Pacific Merit Scholarship $24,201, Hull Family Scholarship $1000

RYAN MICHEAL MICHEAU – Parents Mike Micheau Carrie Micheau Ryan plans to enter the workforce. QVSA Scholarship

CARTER HANS NORBISRATH – Parents Hilary and Sean Norbisrath. Carter will be continuing his education at Penisula College as well as driving a log truck for his Dad’s business. QVSA Scholarship, Elk’s Vocation $2500, Forks Elk’s Club $500, Peninsula College Foundation $700, WEA $500

SOFIA ORTIZ GUEVARA – Parents Rosalia Guevara. Sofia plans to attend Cosmetology School QVSA Scholarship, Concerned Citizens $400, Charlotte Kirby Scholarship $1000


Parents Catarina Perez Pablo. Luis plans to attend Shoreline Community College to get an AA in Audio Production. QVSA Scholarship

COLBIE CORENE RANCOURT – Parents Allen and Stacey Rancourt. Colbie plans to attend Bellevue College to pursue a degree in sonography QVSA Scholarship

KYLEE LYNN ROBINSON – Parents Adam and Erica Robinson. Kylee plans to attend Peninsula College to earn an AA QVSA Scholarship, Concerned Citizens $400, Charlotte Kirby Scholarship $1000

TAHAHAWAT CLAYDAUG-ULA SABLAN – Parents Virginia Sablan. Tah is planning to go into the workforce after graduation.

MADELYN ELENA SALAZAR – Parents Jessica Harris. Madely will be going into the workforce and pursuing college at a later date.

ANDRES SANTOS-DELACRUZ – Parents Adan Montelegre and Concecion Delacru. Andres will be joining the workforce

RYAN FILION SCHULLER – Parents Jerome and Janell Schuller. Ryan is going to train as a diesel mechanic in Iowa

MARTIN ESPINO SILVA – Parents The Late Vicente’ Silva and Maria Silva. Martin will be getting his CDL license through Peninsula College. Green Crow Scholarship $5500, QVSA Scholarship

KASSON TANNER STEFFEN – Parents Eric and Sarah Steffen. Kasson will be finishing his AA degree at Peninsula College then transfer to a 4 year college to complete a bachelor degree. QVSA Scholarship

SKYLER BLUE STEFFEN – Parents Eric and Sarah Steffen. Skyler will be continuing his education at Peninsula College to earn a degree in Applied Management QVSA Scholarship, Hull Family Scholarship $1159, Forks Lions Club $800

BROOKLYN JEAN SVEUM – Parents Evan Sveum and Sara Sveum. Brooklyn will be going into the workforce

RAFAEL CRUZ TERRONES – Parents Tawnya Rowley Rafael Terrones. Rafael plans to join the Navy becoming a chef on a sub

LUIS FERNANDO TORRES-CONTRERAS – Parents Minerva Contreras Guizar and Jose Luis Torres

MICAH QUANG TRUONG – Parents Thao and Minh Truong. Micah will be continuing at Peninsula College to get his AAS in Information Technology

MARSIAL JAMES VILLICANA – Parents Flacco and Angela Villiana. Marsial plans to get his CDL

JAELYN MARIE WILSON Parents Cody and Jessi Wilson. Jaelyn will continue in the workforce at Barry Swanson Trucking.

CARTER JACKSON WINDLE – Parents Julie and Carl Windle. Carter plans to attend Shasta Community College to play baseball and then go to lineman school.

TYLER WAYNE WOOD – Parents Clint and Amy Wood, Tyler will be continuing in the workforce.

LUIS RAFAEL ZARAGOZA MORA – Parents Alejandro and Maria Zaragoza. Luis will be attending Central Washington University this fall.

RAYMOND STEPHEN DAVIS – Parents Harrison & Suzanne Davis. Ray has begun a job fishing in Alaska.

ALEXIS MARIE JANSSEN – Parents Sue Finley. Alexis will be entering the workforce.