A Chapter Ends Farewell to FHS Literary Luminary Mrs. Tammy Klebe

As you prepare to embark on the next chapter of your life, it is with a mix of emotions that we bid farewell to a remarkable individual who has dedicated a significant portion of her life to serving the students and staff of Forks High School with unwavering dedication and passion.

Over the course of 17 years as our esteemed librarian and an additional nine years as a substitute in QVSD, you have left an indelible mark on the school community through your exceptional contributions and tireless efforts. Your commitment to excellence and your remarkable ability to go above and beyond in everything you do have truly set you apart.

Your impact on our school goes far beyond the shelves of books you meticulously organized. Your role as supervisor and curator of the concession stands at athletic events for years, your creative touch as the lead decorator for graduations and school dances, and your unwavering dedication to organizing various events have brought joy and excitement to countless students and staff.

Your monthly themed library displays, engaging contests with prizes and treats, and the fun and lively atmosphere you created during staff parties and gift exchanges will be fondly remembered by all. Your ability to seamlessly multitask and infuse a sense of joy and enthusiasm into every task you undertake is truly unparalleled.

Your dynamic and distinguished presence in the school community has left an enduring legacy that will be cherished for years to come. Your genuine care for the well-being of students and staff, coupled with your innovation and creative approach to your work have made you a beacon of inspiration and role model for all.

As you step into retirement, please know that your absence will be keenly felt and the impact of your contributions will be a lasting testament to your incredible legacy.

You will be missed more than words can express.

TWAS the Night Before Bookends

Twas the night before retirement in the Forks High School so dear,

Mrs. Klebe was packing, the end of an era was near.

Books neatly shelved with care and precision,

memories of student’s laughter, a librarian’s mission.

The library was quiet, the shelves all in place,

Pictures of past students, a smile on each face.

Mrs. Klebe reflected on 26 years gone by,

Guiding young minds, watching them soar and fly.

The final check-out slips were signed with a sigh,

as Mrs Klebe bid the library goodbye.

The books whispered tales of adventures untold,

Of knowledge gained, of stories bold.

As the clock struck midnight, a hush fell over the space,

A feeling of freedom, a new journey to embrace.

No more early mornings, no more late nights,

Just the promise of relaxation, of well deserved delights.

Mrs. Klebe closed the book on this chapter so grand,

Ready to explore new horizons, to travel to new land.

With a heart full of gratitude and memories so sweet

Mrs. Klebe whispered, “Retirement, my new beat”

And so to all the students and staff, both present and past

The librarian’s legacy will forever last!

Happy retirement, with joy and contentment so true,

To Forks High School Librarian we bid adieu!!

It has been an honor working with you for the past 13 years!! May your retirement be filled with joy, relaxation and new adventures!

With deepest appreciation and warm regards,

Cindy M. Feasel

Forks Alternative School, Homeschool Plus Principal & Former Forks High School Principal