2019 European Green Crab trapping on the Makah Reservation

The Makah Fisheries Management Department is once again soliciting for volunteers to assist with efforts to trap invasive European green crab on the Makah Reservation.

In 2018, over 1,000 European green crabs were caught during an intensive trapping effort!

In April 2019, the Fisheries Department will begin intensive trapping for the second season in estuaries and nearshore areas of the Makah Reservation.

European green crab are excellent invaders that can eat native clams and outcompete native crabs for habitat and food resources. It is hoped that this aggressive trapping effort will severely reduce and control the population on the Makah Reservation before their population becomes further established and negatively impacts local species and ecosystems.

For more information about green crab trapping efforts or to become a volunteer*:

Contact the Makah Fisheries Department via the Marine Ecologist, Adrianne Akmajian, at marine.ecologist@makah.com or 360-645-3079

*Please note that all volunteers are required to follow the Tribe’s Drug Free Workplace Policy.