Award-winning women

Soroptimist International of the Olympic Rain Forest recently recognized and awarded 11 women the “Soroptimist Community Award for Women.” This is the 2nd year for this award.

It is given to women who display leadership skills, encourage others, have a positive attitude, inspire others, volunteer, etc. Since they were not able to hold a public event last year they recognized last year’s winners and this year’s winners at their awards and scholarship night.

Winners from 2020-2021 are Naomi Jacobson, Diana Reaume, Emma-Grayce Fleck, and Cheri Tinker. This year’s winners are Edith Henry, Katie Haag, Hilary Norbisrath, Anna Rose Geyer, Laura Farrell, Starla Daman and Heidi Fletcher.

They each received $250 and a donation was made to a non-profit organization of their choice with another $250. Many non-profit groups in our community benefited from their generosity.

Our community is blessed to have the commitment and dedication these women have displayed over the years, and continue to do.