Clallam County ballots in the mail

2012 general election voting begins

Source: Clallam County Auditor – Elections 

Ballots for the November 6th General Election are being mailed today Wednesday, Oct. 17.  Washington State voters pamphlets will be mailed to each household within the next few days.  The drop boxes are open and ready to receive voted ballots.  I expect that Clallam County will have an 86% voter turnout.  In the August Primary election we had a 46.6% turnout.

Voters are reminded that they do have to sign the ballot envelope and that if they are mailing the ballot, one first class stamp is required. 

If a voter has not received a ballot by Monday, October 22nd, they should contact the Auditors office at 360-417-2221 for a replacement.  Ballots must be postmarked no later than November 6th or placed in a ballot drop box no later than 8 p.m. on November 6th.

I would like to remind voters that this is very high stakes election with many offices and issues being decided.  Special interest groups are out in force trying to influence voters and find out how they are voting.  Each voter has the right to cast their ballot in secrecy.  Voters do not have to tell anyone how they voted.  Caution should be exercised if someone offers to mail your ballot for you, or to assist you with voting. Each of us gets one vote, use it wisely.