FHS Grad Plans and Scholarships

Myra Jade – Luong Huan and Jan Luong – $2500 + QV Scholarship class of 2022’s Valedictorian. Myra is going to continue at Peninsula College where she has already earned her AA and will continue to earn her Bachelor’s Degree in Business. She then plans to pursue her interest in Real Estate.

Cassia My Helvey – Jesse Helvey and Kim Pham – Cassia will be getting her AA through Peninsula College starting in the Fall.

Rylee Ann Bouchard – Bob Bouchard and Tami Steveson – Rylee will be going into the workforce.

Beronica Lynn Galeana-Penn – Granddaughter of Terri and Allen Black – Beronica is planning to go into the workforce and return to school at a later time.

Holly Jeanelle Hillcar – John and Leah Hillcar – Sherri Caldwell- $500 + QV Holly will be attending University of Wyoming with exploratory studies in media and the arts.

Donavahn Joe Bowers – Brian and Sheri Bowers none Donavahn will be going into the workforce.

Ana Marie Marlene Benally – Dorris Benally and Grandaughter of Verle Flores – QV Scholarship Ana Marie will begin nursing school Peninsula College.

Alex Juan Pedro – Rosa Maria Juan and Sebastian Pedro – Alex is planning to obtain his CDL certificate through Peninsula College.

Alena Godiva Grafstrom – Sarah Grafstrom and Tom Grafstrom – $8000 + QV Scholarship Alena has earned her AA at Penisula College. She will be attending Evergreen State College to earn her degree in Creative Writing.

Abigail Rose Stute – Cassandra and Adam Howell and Jacob Stute – $1000 + QV Scholarship” Abby will be attending Southern New Hampshire University online to become a Counselor.

Austin Patrick Graham – Patrick and Leslie Graham – $9000 + QV Scholarship Austin will to starting Northwest Lineman College this Fall in Meridian Idaho.

Nicole Diane Winger – Danny and Jolene Winger -16,300 + QV Scholarship class Salutatorian. Nicole will be attending Eastern Washington University to obtain her Master’s of Education degree and then hoping to come back to Forks to teach at FHS! Go Spartans!

Florentina Matias Pablo – Marcelino Matias Ortiz and Juana Pablo Matias – $2000 + QV Scholarship Florentina will be starting at Peninsula College in the Nursing Program this fall.

Logan Zdenek Urvina – Julie Powers – Logan is going to play college baseball but unable to reveal the college at the time.

Isabella Faith Walton-Hanson – Sarah Walton – Bella will be attending Jean Juarez Beauty School in Federal Way.

Candida-Rose Sandoval – Sundi-Rose and Hugo Sandoval – QV Scholarship Candida-Rose will be attending Evergreen Beauty College in Renton.

Theodore Fey Snell – Grandson of Jean Ernst – Theo plans to attend Western Washington University to pursue biomedical studies.

Dalton Floyd Kilmer – Steve Kilmer and Alissa Kilmer – $800 + QV Scholarship Dalton will be attending North West CDL school in Yakima beginning in the Fall.

Hayden Thomas Queen – Brandon and Erin Queen – QV Scholarship Hayden is heading to CDL School then becoming a tree climbing apprentice.

Bret Taylor Ellis – David and Becky Ellis – After graduation Bret plans on ziplining in Idaho and making it through “My Little Universe”. In the future, he would like to travel to Japan and will also be joining the workforce.

Ayanna Sequan Qunneke-Johns – Terra and Robert Baker – QV Scholarship Ayanna will be finishing her AA at Peninsula College and then begin EMS training.

Aspen Lee Rondeau – Jake and Shibahon Rondeau – QV Scholarship Aspen will be attending Peninsula College to begin pre-requisites for a teaching degree.

Ashton Clyde Doyle – John and Valerie Doyle QV Scholarship Ashton will be attending Peninsula College this fall to become a Physical Therapist.

Antonia Joaquin Pedro – Carlos Joaquin and Petrona Pedro – $1000 + QV Scholarship Antonia has enrolled at Peninsula College in the Nursing Program.

Dolores Juan Gaspar Lucas – Jose Gaspar and Magdalena Lucas – Dolores plans to attend college possibly to become a dental hygienist or photographer.

Juan Pablo Flores-Contreras – Felipa Contreras and Mario Flores – $1000 + QV Scholarship Juan is going to work for TD Wood Recovery in Mt. Vernon and then aim for his electrical construction certificate.

Eugenia Carolina Elena Garcia – Yolanda Garcia – QV Scholarship Eugenia is going to Portland University to get her AA in accounting.

Robert Alvin Smith II – Robert and Rebecca Smith – $1000 + QV Scholarship Robbie has enlisted in the US Army as a missile launch operator. He leaves June 27.

Zachary Allen Claussen – Tina Claussen – Zach will be entering the workforce.

Maribel Green-Davila – Maria and Margarito Davila – $5574 + QV Scholarship Maribel will be attending Academy of Aesthetic Arts in Lacey to begin her career as an Esthetician.

Isabella Gabriela Perete – Lazaro Perete and Laura Soria- QV Scholarship Bella plans to go to Lacey to attend Esthetician School to become an eyelash technician. After that, she still wants to work in the medical field.

Hector Gabriel Garcia-Dominguez – Socorro Dominguez and Hector Dominguez Sintora and Ramona Dominguez – QV Scholarship “Hector will be attending South Puget Sound Community College to obtain a degree in Kinesthesiology. He will then transfer to Western Washington University.

Gustavus Orion Aronson – Lisa Joines and Dale Aronson – $500 Orion will be entering the workforce and pursuing higher education at a later date.

Litzy Monzerath Recinos-Valencia – Sandra Veronica and Valencia Oscar Recinos -$1000 + QV Scholarship Litzy plans to enroll in classes at Peninsula College as she works toward her RN Certificate.

Ethan Moises Moy Ses Bello – Marcia and Mario Bello – QV Scholarship Ethan will be going into the workforce while he waits to enter the welding program at Peninsula College.

Diana Garcia-Perez – Maria Perez and Salvador Garcia – Diana has earned her AA degree from Peninsula College. She now plans to enter the workforce.

Riyen Kieyara Thompson-Giuliano – Ann Kareen Thompson – QV Scholarship Riyen plans to finish her AA degree at Peninsula College then enter the workforce.

Connor Eugene Earls – Jason and Nicole Earls -$11050 + QV Scholarship Connor will be getting his AA through Penisula college and then beginning classes at WSU in the Fall. He is pursuing his Degree in Civil Engineering. He will be attending ROTC through the Airforce and then going into the Airforce as an officer.

Maria Yareli Hernandez Colin – Cesilia Colin Hernandez – QV Scholarship Yareli will be continuing her AA at Penisula College where she plans to become a nurse.

Victor Morelos Sanchez Jr. – Marta and Victor Morelos Sr. – $1000 + QV Scholarship Victor will be going into the workforce as a construction worker.

Kyrissa Lucille Duncan – Britni and Rory Duncan – $3800 + QV Scholarship Kyrissa will be working at DNR as a wildland firefighter then in the Fall pursue school for EMS and Firefighting Training.

Reyna Estrella Ayala-Weed – Mateo Ayala Joyce Alaya – Reyna has enrolled at Skagit Valley Community College to study in the Dental Hygiene program.

Leilani Markise Eastman – Tieara Eastman and Mark Williams – Leilani will be attending Allure Academy for the Nail Artistry Program in Port Angeles, to become a nail tech.

Julia Marie Biciunas – Neris and Wendy Biciunas – Julia will be attending the Washington State Patrol Firefighting Academy to get her Firefighting 1, Firefighting 2, and Hazmat certifications.

Juan Antonio Almazan Luna – Angelica Almazan – QV Scholarship Tony has enrolled at Peninsula College and will begin the Construction Technology program this Fall. Later he will seek further education to become a dental assistant.

Jeidi Cristalina Ahilon Perez – Aurelia Perez – $3500 + QV Scholarship Jeidi has earned her AA Degree at Peninsula College. She will be transferring to Washington State University at the global campus. Jeidi will be majoring in accounting.

Jacob Lee Weakley – Kyle and Stephanie Weakley – QV Scholarship Jake will be attending Grays Harbor College and then transferring to Eastern WA Univ to study dental hygiene

Isabelle Faith Cavill – Dr. William and Angela Cavill – $1800 + QV Scholarship Belle will be attending Peninsula College to complete her AA degree in Business.

Sarah Jeanne Curtis – Tanya and Harold Curtis -$2000 + QV Scholarship Sarah is transferring from Peninsula College where she received her AA Degree, to Evergreen State College. Sarah plans to be an Art Therapist.

Riley Joseph Pursley – Joseph and Amber Pursley – $1300 + QV Scholarship” Riley has earned his AA Degree at Peninsula College. He will be attending Central Washington University Aviation Program to become a pilot.

Thalia Cristal Guevara – Olea Nieves Guevara -Thalia plans to work and attend Peninsula College part-time to finish her AA Degree.

Rhianna Irene Renay Dreher – Jenniffer and Ken Dreher – Remi plans to enter the workforce.

Jared Tomas Jewett – Steve Jewett – Jared will be joining the workforce.

Kyle Benjamin Gagner – Jerri Stewart and Frank House – Kyle plan to enter the workforce.

Marcos Mena-Molina – Juan Mena and Lorena Mena – Marcos has earned his AA Degree through Peninsula College. He plans after High School to become a residential Electrician.

Logan Kenneth Olson – Ken and Jessi Olson – $500 Logan will continue his AA degree at Peninsula College, then continue his apprenticeship with Meyer Electric to begin an electrician career.

Lindsey Raven Edwards – Julie and Jamie Edwards – $2000 + QV Scholarship Attend Peninsula College to study in the Nursing Program.