Forks hospitality

Carquest helps out Othello family visiting for softball tourney

Letter to the Forks Forum, received Friday, Aug. 3

 At the beginning of July I was in town coaching during the state softball tournament. Well we didn’t do to well at the tournament but that’s another story. During our stay we were able to visit some of the local businesses and talk to some of the people from Forks at the tournament. I will say they were all great and very helpful. I felt I needed to write because on our way out of town we lost our fan belt. We headed back into town and it was around six. When I pulled up to Carquest it was closed so I was expecting to stay another night. I stopped and looked in the window and saw someone inside, he let me in and greeted me with a handshake and thats when I met Victor. I told him my problem and he went to the back and came out with a belt close enough to fit. Me being the smart one had no tools since it was a newer car I didn’t think I would need them. Victor went and picked out the tools came out of the store and proceeded to change the belt for me and at one point had to open a new tool off the shelf. When all was done I asked what it was going to cost, totally expecting to be out $100 at the very least. He told me the price of the belt and that was all he charged. I have read similar articles in the paper here in Othello and never thought I would be writing one to another town. Your hospitality was first class from the people at the tournament, the grocery store, the restaurant and especially to Victor. Because of that we will again someday be back to enjoy the area.

 Thanks Victor


Jim and Lucy Fleishman, Othello