Neah Bay author writes locally-set mystery book

“Joseph and the Tamanawis Spirit” is a new myster book written by Neah Bay-based Native American author Dawn Lawrence.


The book was released last week.


The book features Makah characters, just as best-selling author Stephenie Meyer featured Quileute warriors in her Twilight book series.


The plot of the book is told in a press release. “In the story, when strange things begin happening on the Makah Reservation in Neah Bay, Washington, Fawn and Dennis Miller suspect an evil spirit is leading Nicolai Vain down a dangerous path. When Dennis and Fawn’s son, Joseph TaHayYasib Miller, becomes Nicolai’s target, they prepare for an epic battle, with the world’s fate hanging in the balance.”


Lawrence has lived in Neah Bay for over 30 years and enjoyed listening to elders in her community tell their stories.


She is a mother to three sons and is now a grandmother. She and her husband run the Big Salmon Fishing Resort at Neah Bay.