Trooper Allen Nelson 2019 Citizen of the Year

  • Thu Jan 7th, 2021 3:07pm
  • News

It was not because Washington State Patrol Trooper Allen Nelson wasn’t appreciative of the fact he had been selected for the 2019 Forks Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year award last February ….it was just that he was a little busy making an amazing comeback after a stroke.

It had been in the Fall that Trooper Nelson had his stroke and received an incredible amount of community support and well wishes. Nelson said, “We really have tried to thank everyone for their support and kind words, I really wanted to come and attend the award’s event last February but truthfully I was just so focused on just getting better.”

Nelson said that when he wasn’t sleeping, which he said he did a lot, he was working out physically and also working on getting his speech back and working better.

Reading to his grandchildren was one way that really helped. “They were good listeners,” Nelson said.

Nelson returned to his position as a WSP Trooper on the West End a few months back.

It is time for the community to send in nominations for 2020.