Homecoming week, dressed up for spirit days, teams prepped for big games, and all attended a pep rally on Friday! The teachers were called down to the gym floor and given a pack of Extra gum- you know, for going the extra mile for our kids. Many of us were happy for the gum and thought it was very sweet and a cute message. Then, some of us (who likely had too much garlic and onions at lunch) opened our gum. At first, I thought it was play money, maybe a coupon, but no, there was a real, honest to goodness $100 bill tucked inside the pack of gum. WOW! The gift from the Soroptimists was so unexpected, so generous, so unbelievably kind and well-timed.

That $100 in the hands of each teacher made much more possible. The library got a new wall display and prizes for the book fair. Others spent the money on their classrooms and students: specimens for science, prizes for activities, a pizza party for Advisory, and basic school supplies. The Soroptimists understand how much time teachers commit to their work, and encouraged us to spend at least a little of the money on ourselves. Groceries and diapers were “Life Savers!” Many went out to eat, saw a movie, or visited the Haunted House with their loved ones. Not only did teachers, students, and families benefit, but so did our local businesses.

With Thanksgiving upon us, we must express our genuine gratitude to the Soroptimists. What this wonderful organization provided really did have such an amazing impact on so many people. Their time, effort, creativity and generosity are felt in so many ways across our community. Please accept our heartfelt thank you!!

The Teachers of Forks High School