Thank You in memory of Mel Moon

The Moon family. Submitted photo

The Moon family. Submitted photo

Dear Editor,

I want to thank those of you who helped to support the Oral Cancer Foundation, via my Facebook Birthday fundraiser, my OCF Walk for Awareness fundraising page, and via Oral Cancer Walk for Awareness sponsorships.

Together, we surpassed my personal fundraising goal, for 2019, of $500, with a total of $519.40. As for sponsorships, I want to thank the Quileute Tribe and Forks Family Dental who rocked it with two Silver Sponsorships totaling $1200.

This year, I honored the memory of Mel Moon, Jr. who succumbed to Base of Tongue Cancer in 2017. His family touched my heart, and our annual Walk for Awareness, in Kirkland, when they joined us in honor of Mel. Mel’s mother Carol gifted everyone with a pen honoring Mel.

She spoke to the crowd and gave us great insight in regard to how this disease affects the families and friends of those lost much too soon.

Thank you,

In Memory of Mel.

Berlinda James