Louis Navellier’s Growth Investor: Trump’s First Executive Order Review

Growth Investor is a monthly investing newsletter published by Louis Navellier.

As part of a 2024 promotion, Growth Investor is available at a discount rate. Plus, Louis is giving all new subscribers exclusive insight into Trump’s first executive order as president.

In our review, find out everything you need to know about Louis Navellier’s Growth Investor and Trump’s first executive order today.

What is Growth Investor?

Growth Investor is a subscription-based stock-picking service led by experienced investor Louis Navellier.

Each month, Louis Navellier and his analysts publish new stock recommendations and market analyses from across the investing world. It’s one of several highly-rated stock-picking services published by InvestorPlace.

To promote new Growth Investor subscriptions, InvestorPlace is offering discount rates. Plus, all subscriptions come with bonus guides, including multiple guides featuring specific investment recommendations linked to Donald Trump’s first executive order.

If you sign up for Growth Investor today, you enjoy a discounted rate of $49 for your first year. All subscriptions have a 90-day money-back guarantee. The ordinary retail price is $129 per year. Subscriptions automatically renew at a discounted, locked-in rate of $79 per year.

Growth Investor Benefits


Some of the benefits of Growth Investor include:

  • Monthly stock picking and market analysis
  • Led by experienced investor Louis Navellier
  • Available at discount rate
  • It comes with a bundle of bonus guides and reports
  • Discover Trump’s first executive order, 6 recommended AI stocks, and other bonus information
  • Backed by a 90-day satisfaction guarantee

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How Does Louis Navellier’s Growth Investor Work?

Each month, Louis Navellier sends a new issue of Growth Investor to subscribers, who will receive actionable insight on stocks, market trends, and overall investment analysis.

All subscribers also receive a bundle of perks – including access to a model portfolio, bonus investment guides, and more.

Want to copy Louis’s trades? Check the Growth Investor model portfolio, which lists previously recommended trades along with their entry points. He’ll alert subscribers if Louis spots a significant change in one of his model portfolio stocks.

Louis focuses primarily on growth stocks. He aims to outperform the S&P 500 by picking the right stocks repeatedly. He has a track record to back up that claim. According to InvestorPlace, Growth Investor’s recommendations have tripled the returns of the S&P 500 over the last 17 years:

“[Louis’s] popular Growth Investor advisory service, established in 1998, has beaten the S&P 500 by a margin of 3-to-1 over the past 17 years.”

All subscribers receive immediate access to Growth Investor’s model portfolio, the latest issue of the newsletter, and a bundle of free bonus reports with additional investment opportunities.

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Who is Louis Navellier?

Louis Navellier is a Reno, Nevada-based investor. He’s known for being the Chairman and Founder of Navellier & Associates, which currently has around $1 billion in assets under management. Navellier is also known for writing five investing newsletters through the financial publishing company InvestorPlace, including Growth Investor, Accelerated Profits, and Breakthrough Stocks.

In addition to operating an investing company, Louis occasionally appears on Bloomberg, Fox News, and CNBC.

Since starting his investing career in the 1980s, Louis has optimized his three-step, bottom-up stock selection process. That process focuses on quantitative and fundamental analysis, and it aims to outperform the S&P 500 by picking the right stocks.

The New York Times has described Louis Navellier as “an icon among growth stock investors,” while InvestorPlace calls him “one of Wall Street’s most renowned growth investors.”

When you subscribe to Growth Investor today, you get immediate access to Louis’s investment insight – including his model portfolio, new stock recommendations, investment guides, and more.

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What is Trump’s First Executive Order?

As part of a 2024 promotion, Louis bundles multiple free bonus reports with all new subscriptions to Growth Investor – including one bonus report featuring AI stock recommendations linked to a future executive order from Donald Trump.

What will Donald Trump’s first executive order be if he is elected? How is it connected to artificial intelligence stocks? How does Louis know what Trump’s first executive order will be? Here’s what we know:

Louis Navellier claims it’s “a foregone conclusion” that Donald Trump will win this year’s presidential election. He cites all major polls and analysts, who all believe Donald Trump will win.

Louis describes it as “practically a lock,” claiming “Americans are tired of the corruption and incompetence of the Biden regime.”

Trump’s First Executive Order Will Be “Rocket Fuel” for AI Stocks

When Donald Trump is elected, Louis believes he’ll take a business-first approach to running the country.

Specifically, Louis believes Donald Trump will sign an executive order signaling “the next phase of the AI boom.” That executive order, in fact, “could be rocket fuel” for the artificial intelligence industry.

When Donald Trump signs this executive order, it will cause multiple AI stocks to explode with growth. Investors who buy these specific AI stocks today could earn huge returns on investment the moment Donald Trump signs the executive order – which would occur in early 2025 if he is elected.

By subscribing to Growth Investor today, you will get access to a bundle of bonus reports, including one bonus report featuring specific, recommended AI stocks. Louis recommends buying these AI stocks today to exploit the upcoming boom.

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How Will Trump Boost AI?

Louis is a big believer in Donald Trump and artificial intelligence.

He describes the former president as “the best friend of AI,” tracing today’s AI boom back to Donald Trump’s actions in his first term – specifically, Executive Order #13,859.

Trump’s Executive Order #13,859 transformed America’s AI industry in multiple ways, according to Louis, including:

  • Trump doubled AI research investment
  • Trump created the world’s first regulatory environment for AI
  • Trump brought order to the AI market, making it easier for the world’s largest tech companies – like Microsoft – to invest in future projects.
  • Trump kickstarted private AI investment, spurring vast amounts of money to enter the space.
  • Trump also agreed to share government data with AI companies, helping them improve their machine-learning models.

He cites the recent surge in Nvidia, Microsoft, and other AI-fuelled stocks as proof. For example, Microsoft has surged 77% in the last 1.5 years, while Nvidia is up 650% since 2024. Both of these gains occurred during the Biden administration, although Louis attributes the gains to Trump’s Executive Order #13,859.

President Trump’s First Executive Order Will Boost AI Data Centers

According to Louis Navellier, the next big area of growth for AI companies is in data centers.

AI development is demanding. It requires intense computing power. Companies need an increasing amount of data center space for this computing power.

Today’s most prominent AI companies are frantically building data centers across the United States and around the world to handle this increased capacity:

  • Google just built a data center in Council Bluffs, Iowa.
  • Amazon spent $10 billion on a hyperscale data center in rural Mississippi.
  • Meta has promised to spend $800 million building a data center in Jeffersonville, Indiana.

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Some AI giants are investing in data centers outside the United States. For example, Microsoft is spending $3.4 billion to double its data capacity in Germany, while Google is building an AI hyperscale data center north of London.

All of these AI companies are spending massively on data centers. However, Louis believes their growth will be restricted until Donald Trump signs an executive order in his second term.

Trump’s Executive Order Focuses on Energy Production

All new data centers mentioned above require energy, increasing strain on local electrical grids.

In fact, US data center power consumption is expected to reach 30 gigawatts by 2028—nearly double the usage in 2024 and more than that of entire industrialized nations like the Netherlands and Japan.

Louis believes President Biden has slowed energy production because of his “environmental crusade” against oil and gas, locking substantial amounts of energy in the ground.

For example, President Biden reversed Trump’s order to restart the Keystone XL pipeline on his first day in office. The pipeline would have been a considerable boon for US energy production. Other orders have restricted oil and gas development in the United States.

Trump will take a different, more business-friendly approach to oil and gas development, according to Louis’s prediction:

Louis believes Donald Trump’s first executive order will focus on energy production. Specifically, he claims he would sign an order to roll back all environmental regulations President Biden has assigned to the industry; the lack of environmental regulations will spur oil and gas development across the United States.

To further boost the sector, Donald Trump will also sign orders opening protected land and sea areas for oil and natural gas drilling while rolling back taxes on methane drilling.

According to Louis’s predictions, these changes will create cheap energy for AI companies, spurring transformative change within the industry. Overnight, these companies will have ready access to US-produced energy at a more affordable price.

By subscribing to Growth Investor today, you will receive access to several bonus reports linked to Donald Trump’s executive order, including specific data center stocks and AI stocks Louis recommends buying today.

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Buy Data Center, Energy, & AI Stocks Today

When you subscribe to Growth Investor, you get immediate access to multiple reports featuring the names and ticker symbols of companies Louis recommends buying – including data center, energy, and AI companies.

Louis picked all these companies based on his proprietary rating system, analyzing them thoroughly before recommending them to subscribers.

Louis Navellier’s Top 3 Data Center Stocks with 100X Potential

Louis has spotted several data center companies he believes are worth an investment. He has compiled his research into a free bonus report called “The Trump AI Boom: 3 Data Center Stocks with 100X Potential.” The report features the names and ticker symbols of three data center companies Louis believes will profit with the rise of AI. Louis believes investors who invest even a small amount of money into these data center stocks today could see their money grow 100X.

Other Recommended Companies Linked to Louis Navellier’s First Executive Order

Louis also believes other energy and AI companies will rise with Donald Trump’s first executive order. He has compiled additional research into a report called “How to Profit on Trump’s First Executive Order.” The report lists the names and ticker symbols of energy companies that could surge with growth in the near future.

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Louis Navellier’s 3 Recommended Military AI Stocks

Louis’s final bonus report is “The Top 3 Military AI Stocks.” Louis believes Trump will invest more heavily into the military than previous administrations – particularly in using AI in the military. In the report, you can discover the names and ticker symbols of three military-linked AI companies creating advanced technologies – and why Louis believes they’re worth investing in.


What’s Included with Growth Investor?

As part of a 2024 promotion, Louis Navellier is bundling multiple free bonus guides and other perks with all new Growth Investor subscriptions.

You receive immediate access to all of the following after subscribing to Growth Investor today:

Monthly Issues of Growth Investor: Each month, Louis and his team send a new issue to subscribers with stock recommendations, market analysis, and other information. Louis covers multiple areas of investing – including hot tech trends like AI.

Weekly Updates & Alerts: Each Friday after markets close, Louis sends a weekly update with his thoughts on the market for that week. The update features any changes to stocks in the model portfolio, sell alerts for Louis’s targeted stocks, and other information related to Louis’s recommendations.

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Anytime Flash Alerts: If Louis spots a market opportunity between issues of Growth Investor or the weekly updates, he’ll send a flash alert to subscribers. If the news has suddenly broken related to a company in Louis’s model portfolio, for example, Louis will send an alert to subscribers exploring what that news means – and which action you should take.


Free Bonus Report #1: The Trump AI Boom: 3 Data Center Stocks with 100X Potential: Louis claims to have identified multiple data center stocks that could rise 100X in the coming years. Louis knows AI companies need data centers, and he believes AI companies will surge in growth. By investing in data center companies today, investors could earn huge returns on investment

Free Bonus Report #2: How to Profit on Trump’s First Executive Order: Donald Trump has previously signed executive orders linked to energy production and AI. Louis believes Donald Trump will sign a new executive order on his first day in office overturning many environmental regulations in the energy production space – particularly in oil and gas. In this report, you can discover the names and ticker symbols of several companies Louis believes will skyrocket after Donald Trump’s executive order, including companies linked to pipelines, refineries, and export terminals.

Free Bonus Report #3: The Top 3 Military AI Stocks: Donald Trump increased military spending compared to his predecessors, and Louis believes we’ll see a similar trend in his second term. Louis believes Donald Trump will particularly emphasize the military’s use of AI. In this bonus report, you can discover three military stocks using AI technology to get ahead – including complete details on why Louis believes they’re a wise investment.

Free Bonus Report #4: How to 20X Your Money on Quantum Computing: AI is the hottest trend in tech today, but Louis believes quantum computing is next. Quantum computing solves the world’s need for increased processing power. Louis identified one company he thought “could become the Apple or Nvidia of quantum computing.” By investing in this company today, investors can earn huge returns.

Free Access to Louis Navellier’s Exclusive Rating System: All Growth Investor subscribers receive access to Louis’s rating system. Louis pioneered his rating system in the 1980s and has refined it over time. Today, it includes 6,000 publicly traded stocks backed by thousands of data points. Type any stock into the system to determine which ones are worth buying – and which you should avoid. Louis sends subscribers a complete list of his stock ratings each week.

Growth Investor Pricing

Growth Investor is $49 for the first year and $79 per year thereafter. The ordinary retail price is $129 per year.

Here’s how pricing works when signing up online today:

  • Growth Investor + Bonuses: $49 for your first year, then $79 per year after that

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Growth Investor Refund Policy

All Growth Investor subscriptions come with a 90-day money-back guarantee. You have 90 days to try your subscription, decide if you like it, and request a refund if you’re unhappy. Contact the customer service team within 90 days for a full refund, and you can keep any bonus reports as a thank you for trying Growth Investor.

  • Email: feedback@investorplace.com
  • Telephone: 1-800-219-8592

Final Word

Growth Investor is a monthly financial newsletter from Louis Navellier and his team at InvestorPlace.

Louis Navellier is confident Donald Trump will be re-elected later this year. He’s also confident Donald Trump’s first executive order will be linked to energy production, spurring enormous AI development nationwide.

If you subscribe to Growth Investor today, you get the names and ticker symbols of several companies Louis believes will surge after Donald Trump signs an executive order – including AI companies, data center companies, and AI military technology companies.

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