The Real Forks: Bottle that and sell it!

Like many of you, I come from a long line of logging industry working fools. They weren’t fools because of the dangerous working conditions or long hours in horrible weather, but because they had no bathroom nearby for their entire shift. I would pass on that job, no matter the money. Then again, I suppose girls are different. I highly doubt very many of us would be willing to cut any of our clothes for back-up toilet paper … and we have twice the need for toilet paper anyway. We’d come home near naked every day.

On a related note, it wasn’t until I was in my teens that I realized why my dad’s hickory shirts had the pockets and sleeves ripped off. That was one of those, Eww … I would have been perfectly fine without that knowledge, moments in life.

On another related note, why don’t loggers bring toilet paper out with them? I imagine cotton flannels are nicer, but still …

We have had so many logging and timber industry jobs because of the obvious; we have a lot of trees.

You’re going to have check with a scientist for sure, but I think this somehow correlates to the fact that we have a lot of rain. Again, I’m not an expert, only speculating here. This is why I’m confused why we are only profiting off of one of these abundant resources. Why are we not profiting from the rain, people?!

We have an overload of rain here, much more than we could possibly ever use. I don’t understand why we are not selling it. Instead of just suffering from being soaking wet for 10 months, we could be suffering, soaking wet MILLIONAIRES! Why has no one thought of this yet? Did I just stumble upon a conspiracy of some sort?

Seriously, think of how easy it would be to bottle this stuff up and sell it!

Step 1; Purchase plastic bottles.
Step 2: Place opened bottles outside on porch. 
Step 3; Wait three minutes.
Step 4: Put caps on filled bottles and send to Los Angeles.
Step 5; Charge $10/bottle to all the health nuts for 100 percent pure rain water.

In fact, some bottles could even be marked as “Twilight Water”. Mark up the price on those though!

It’s so easy that it’s ridiculous. I cannot be the first person who thought of this.

Next week; profiting from the abundance of spiders. “They taste like chicken!”