A new television show?

I don’t often listen to our local radio station for two reasons: First of all, I have to be parked in their parking lot for my stereo to even pick it up. Second of all, I don’t follow Neah Bay sports. That isn’t because you aren’t rock stars either, Neah Bay athletes. You really are! I just don’t know any of you.

To give credit where credit is due, I really do enjoy the variety of music that our radio stations plays. So occasionally (if I happen to find myself in the parking lot there for whatever reason), I do have the station on.

Such was the case last Monday morning. The news was actually on instead of music, but that was fine by me. Every once in a while, I like to humor people by including a fact or two from the real news in my columns. I try to limit these facts though because people get all worked up and send e-mails saying things like, “If you were a real journalist, you would know that the radio station broadcasts Spartan games all the time … when Neah Bay isn’t playing! So there!

Anyway, on this Monday morning news show, the announcer mentioned that we are getting yet ANOTHER television show based in our area. I was immediately interested in researching this show, but sadly my research would have to wait. After all, I would be clocking in at work soon and I never do anything but work while at work.

Later that evening, when I finally got around to remembering, I watched a trailer for it. It starts with some really dramatic music and aerial scenes from around here. A woman’s voice comes on and says, “You’ve come about the rainforest haven’t you?”

Just by that line alone, I knew this show was going to be different from the other portrayals of our area. It seems to be a lot more realistic. As a local, I LITERALLY say this same phrase 100ish times a day. A tourist will walk up to me with a map and I will say, “You’ve come about the rainforest haven’t you?” I try to say this with an accent as to appear more mystical. Then I press pause on the intense music that I carry everywhere with me.

Realistic or not, this show actually looks really cool. I’m excited about it because the makers supposedly want to highlight the talents of the locals. I’m not sure how a television series would showcase the talents of a fake journalist, but I’m waiting by the phone with hope.

Then again, I had my hopes up about my television debut once before, too. I thought for sure that once Mick realized that we were cousins, he would have me on his show immediately. He never called. Then again, maybe he invited me via the radio station and I missed it?

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