One of my favorite veterans

Back in 1995, a love like no other was forming at Forks Elementary School. I was in the fifth grade and I had a huge crush on a boy in my class. Being a very creative (and original) writer from birth it seems, I sent a note to my crush asking him to check yes or no if he wanted to go out with me.

Much to my 10-year-old heart’s desire, my crush checked yes and our relationship progressed like wildfire. By wildfire, I mean that we progressed no further beyond the “asking out” stage. He played kickball every day at recess and I … well, I don’t really know what I did during recess at that time … probably participated in the fifth-grade gossip circle.

Side note: I know that there is a good chance that I gossiped back then, but I’m not sure what 10 year olds gossip about? “Did you see that Sarah had a butterscotch pudding at lunch today? Just yesterday she told everyone how much she hated butterscotch pudding!”

Anyway, fast forward to my junior year at Forks High School. For whatever reason, I suddenly remembered my fifth-grade relationship. I saw him in school and asked if he remembered the note that sealed our status as boyfriend and girlfriend. He laughed and said that he remembered. “Did we ever break up?” I asked. “I don’t think so. We never talked about it ever again.”

Realizing that we had technically been in a relationship for seven years, I immediately demanded a ring from this boy (man now). I refused to wait any longer. If he didn’t know if I was wife material after this long, he would never know! I would not allow him to string me along with no plans of marriage.

I cannot quote his exact response to my demands. If you knew him, you would agree that his wonderful sense of humor sometimes included words not always appropriate for a newspaper, but to paraphrase; “Oh heavens no! You’ve been an unfaithful floozy (I love that word by the way)! I’ve known about your other boyfriends.”

Funny enough, we did not technically end our relationship at that time.

A few years later, my “boyfriend” went overseas to fight for our country. As they cliché-ishly (not a real word) say, “All gave some and some gave all.” Jason Hanson gave all. Sadly, he left behind hundreds of people who loved and adored him. I’m proud to say that I was his pretend girlfriend for 10ish years and his real friend for just as long. Needless to say, he will always be one of my favorite veterans, along with my very real husband.

It seems a little odd to say “HAPPY Veterans Day”, but I don’t know a better alternative so I will just say thank you. Thank you to Jason Hanson and everyone else who has given anything and everything. Your service is greatly appreciated.

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